Life is not easy. And change is not easy.

There is a lot of information out there that tells us how to solve our problems in a couple of easy steps, but it is hard to apply what we read on a screen to our real lives. These step-by-Step guidelines usually tell us what to do, but they almost never explain why.

Before beginning to tackle our problems, I think it is important for us to understand the “Why”s of the world; to recognize why we feel or think the way we do. By doing so, we can have a clearer sense of who we are, and this enables us to make the right decisions in life.Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 6.36.51 PM

Throughout my education in psychology I have read numerous theories and research studies that have helped me understand who I am, and I would like to share what I’ve gathered with you. I felt it necessary to create an online guide that explains our thought processes and how they affect our lives.

Instead of labelling you as one type of person versus another, The Circle of Psyche aims to show that human beings, although unique in life experiences, tend to be similar in mental processes. When we understand ourselves and when we realize how similar we are to those around us, we can form a circle. To know that we are not alone and to know that many others feel the way we do, creates a sense of unity among us. And that is what The Circle of Psyche is all about.

I urge you to get involved by commenting on the posts and sharing your thoughts and feelings. Please share the blog with your friends and family and invite them to join our Circle.


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